Ledbury Rifle and Pistol Club
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The club was originally founded in the late 19th century. For many years the club met at the old drill hall situated on

what is now the Co-operative car park in New Street.

The Club Ranges

In 1982 the club moved to a purpose built 25m indoor range adjacent to the Ledbury rugby club on the Ross road. This facility caters for small bore rifles and long barrelled pistols and revolvers, together with black powder pistols and revolvers and pistol calibre rifles. Air rifle and pistol shooters are also welcome.

The five firing point range is equipped with turning targes, a moving target and an electronic target retrieval system.

The club also has a six covered firing point outdoor 100 metre range in a disused quarry some five miles from Ledbury town. This range is again equipped with benchrests and solar powered turning targets, which means that it can cater for almost all shooting disciplines with all types of legally held firearms, including black powder rifles.

Club Activities

Club members regularly take part in an extensive range of Midland league and national Phoenix postal competitions in a full range of disciplines including benchrest, various precision disciplines, sporting rifle, multi target and timed and precision rifle and pistol and  black powder revolver and pistol. These are both team and individual competitions. The club has a good record of success in all disciplines, winning many gold, silver and bronze medals. Club members are also active in Bisley based Gallery rifle and pistol events and long range rifle meetings.

Club Meetings

Meetings take place in the indoor range on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting at 19.00 hrs, exception being the second Monday of each calendar month when the range will not be opened until 7.30pm to permit committee meetings. Shooting is supervised by fully qualified range control officers but children wishing to shoot must be accompanied by a parent and those under 14 years of age can only use air pistols and rifles. A meeting on each Friday evening is dedicated to air rifles and pistols only. The 100m range is open each Sunday morning from 10.00hrs to 13.00hrs. Arrangements can be made for the use of .22rf rifles and pistols at other times.


Membership is open to existing firearm certificate holders and complete newcomers to the sport. For further details - please click here to download the new members pack. In the event that you are unable to view a PDF file, please e-mail - enquiries@ledburyrpc.co.uk

The club has a 100% safety record and firmly intends to maintain that, whilst offering a friendly atmosphere among members, so that all may enjoy the great sport of target shooting.

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